Tips to Slay the Brow

Eyebrows should be combed with a spoolie brush so all hairs are laid down in place. Once finish, add translucent loose setting powder starting at the brow head. This application can set momentarily before dusting off the debris or unnecessary powder. Helping you absorb all possible oils for a clean canvas of the eyebrow area to ensure a brow outline of your liking.
Next, outline the bottom portion of your eyebrow with your favorite concealer. Using this product to eliminate blemishes and scars. Blend down to the eyelid and also apply color corrector to the top of your eyebrow. The concealer or color corrector should match the shade of your skin tone.

This will in a sense shape the brow head/arch area of your eyebrow. Allowing you to present a cleaner and indivisible blend with your foundation. Also helps with shaping the outline of your eyebrows before they are set to shade in.
Now, fill your eyebrows in with your pencil or pomade. For example, my favorite would be created by Benefit Cosmetics (Goof Proof eyebrow pencil). Only choosing this utensil because it provides quality and longevity for my look. 

We are all prepped to add eyebrow powder to mesh with the make up shade you have chosen. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow powder would be my choice for brow powder in this scenario. Eyebrow powder will add depth to your eyebrows. Please remember to apply the powder lightly. Starting at the brow head, then finishing throughout the arch and tail of your eyebrow to achieve a natural look.


The last step, I suggest you use brow gel to set your eyebrows. Why let all that time and hard work go to waste? Iā€™m a fan of Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. This helps your brow hairs stay in place. Allowing less stress or you worry about your eyebrows all day!



Content and information provided by Karla Gomez