Exploiting your Entrepeuneur Opportunities

Q&A with Marksmybarber


Above would be a self-driven individual by the name of Marksmybarber. I’m an avid fan of his work in the barber shop and also an admirer of his touch on the entertainment nightlife of Kansas City, Mo. He brings marquee names to urban venues, promoting businesses to expose our culture and city. He has also found time to give back by providing clothing & shoes for the youth during holidays, mentoring people like me when it comes to different avenues of business. Below you can learn a bit more, but this gentleman would exemplify the word entrepreneur. 

Q: Marksmybarber would now be a Kansas City, MO brand, what influenced you to explore other ventures of business other than being a Licensed Barber?

A: “Simply wanting more and never need to work for someone. I started cutting hair at the age of 10, then received my license as a barber at the age of 19. The brand Marksmybarber was created and from that point, everything has taken off.” 

Q: What would be one of the biggest obstacles in your life? 
A: “Time! Having so much to do and it feels like there is not enough time or not enough me's to do it!” 

Q: What drives you still to chase after new business and new ideas? 
A: “Creativity. I would say that I like the art of the process.  Taking my ideas and essentially making money. My thoughts turning into reality, it’s a crazy thing!”

Q: What’s next for the brand? 
A: “Getting bigger! I want the world to know me and the city I’m from. So I’m trying to brand myself ona whole other level.”




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