You have to be odd to be number one
— Dr. Seuss

Our Story

We have just embarked on our journey for blogging, fashion and culture.
This method of delivering fashion information has been fabricated over
the course of time. Crave fashion headquarters are located in Las Vegas, NV.
Influenced by the urban community. Created for everyone's enjoyment.

Only our beginning. 



The Idea

To provide tools, exploit new ideas, and cover all areas of fashion possible. Crave has been designed
to give a raw, gritty, & edgy view on Street/Urban Fashion.

We will dedicate ourselves to provide consistent
content regarding styling, clothing, make-up art, and etc. 

Our Team

Timothy Harrington - Stylist/Consultant
"My goal as a stylist would be to inspire anyone within the fashion world. Eventually leaving an imprint with my style and perspective in regards to
men/women clothing."

Karla Gomez - Make up Artist
"The feeling I receive from being an make up artist I cannot put into words.
I'm instantly inspired when enhancing someone's beauty or them confirming I did a great job. Dreams of being a pioneer in this industry."

Zina Sadik - Stylist
"As a female I love the way different fabrics and materials form to a woman's
figure. Also with an array of colors that clothing can be produced in, this allows
me to express/influence in a nonverbal form.